ECODESIGN WOODS | panels and panels with a 3D effect

Eco Design Wood products, due to their quality and diversified aesthetics, are suitable for use in rooms with very different dec- orative styles. It can be used in the form of small, decorative ac- cents, on big surfaces or in the form of floors and furniture clad - ding. Our cladding is suitable to use in any interior design. They fit perfectly into residential, office and pubic spaces. Thanks to various textures and colors, they’re a perfect match with the at- mosphere of rustic Scandinavianstyle houses, as well as in modern, postindustrial lofts. Due to the large possibility of personalizing, by mixing and matching different products, our range is perfect for creative individuals who want to create designs by themselves. A rich color palette and attractive look make Eco Design Wood products perfectly match with many decorative elements, allowing for an eclectic combination of styles, play with colors and textures. Each type and each piece of Eco Design Wood panels is a unique product. Designs are characterized by exceptional visual values and high quality, thanks to which they will become a showcase of the ar- rangement. 3 Self-adhesive panels Flat panels Panels with a 3D effect APPLICATION