ECODESIGN WOODS | panels and panels with a 3D effect

Our products are a result of combining the natural beauty of wood with innovativemethods of its processing and designs. When creat- ing multi-layer wooden panels, we try to use the best properties of wood, both its visual and physical properties. Thanks towell execut- ed processing, we can properly display and emphasize everything that is best in wood. Because of that, the impeccable aesthetics goes hand in hand with the high functionality of our products. Each of the Eco Design Wood panels is a successful combination of the uniqueness and beauty of old wood with the strength and durability of the best decorative materials. Our panels are made out of wood of highly valued tree species. This allows for unique aesthetics and high durability of any of our prod- ucts. Production takes place under strict quality supervision in a dedi- cated machine park. The process is carried out using modern tech- nologies and our proprietary woodworking techniques, which are the company’s secret. Professional supervision over production and the conditions in which it takes place in conjunction with the unique and complex gluing process makes the panels very durable and will delight with their beauty for many years. Our offer includes flat panels and panels with a 3D effect, which makes the covered surface spatial. The varied texture combined with interesting colors gives the interior character and allows for unusual decorative effects. PANELS AND PANELS WITH A 3D EFFECT